Thursday, November 26, 2015

Still alive and kicking

Things have been hectic to say the least, with a 2 yo running around and another on the way. We've still been on the look out for lost coins and are still at it. The updates are few and far between due to the fact that we now sleep when our kid sleeps... And are kept busy when awake. The resale of goods route hasn't been productive due to that too but we shall persevere. Will do a count when we can for an update on the total amounts

 $25.84 from trolleys and coins on the floor in the past 2 years.

Have decided to be rid of the his and hers amounts as its an us thing now, that and we really enjoy this challenge. It really has changed our outlook on what can be achieved just by keeping your eyes peeled for opportunity and that luck is made by looking for those opportunities. We have a saying in our country, "if you don't buy the lottery, you'll never win".

So we'll keep going and when an opportunity comes by we'll be waiting.

Wish us Luck

M$Penguin & ContestKitty

Saturday, November 2, 2013

STEP 14~!

I just realised from updating that we've hit the next step~! Hooray~!

Cheers and Wish us Luck

M$Penguin & ContestKitty

We're still at it :)

Hello internetz.

Its been a long while since I updated this site but rest assured we are still at it. Seeking out every lost coin we can and giving them a home with the Fund. The thing is.. I've been away for so long, I didn't even realise that the ads on my site were gone, apparently Adbrite closed down back in Feb 2013~! And all the ad revenue I had with them went with them.. so its a big fat Zero from that venture. Will be on the lookout for a new ad company to fill that space.

A lot has happened in this past year, and ContestKitty and I are expecting our first child~! She'll be due in January so there will be a whole lot of sleepless nights to look forward to.

Now back to the doubling. I have lost momentum but am not out of it yet. I will strive to update this as much as possible and maybe make a sort of savers' guide to parenting. Lets see how motivated I am to actually do it...

Anyway.. lots to update on items that we've bought for the Fund, she managed to sell the chairs so we got for a nice tidy profit of $60 and also picked up more lost coins to the tune of $3.76, 2 Australian Dollars and 2 Euro Cents. The majority of which was found by my dear wifey. As I cannot remember exactly who got them, I shall just make it a 80-20 split since she found most of it.

I've also acquired more Magic The Gathering cards and will be trying to hawk them off to a reseller I got to know, let's see how that works out.

 Magic The Gathering Cards Bought - $5
Cost of 6 Chairs - $20
6 Chairs Sold - $80

Started with $355.36

Ended with $414.12
$60.00 from Trade
$3.00 from her
$0.76 from him

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly update

Ok... still the laziness is getting to me.. will try now to make a weekly update of stuff I've been doing and of things we found.

Bought some Magic the Gathering cards for the fund.. $4 for like over 100 of them so can't go wrong there.

Found $1.20 while walking around a shopping mall with the wifey today and $0.15 from the past month.

Magic The Gathering Cards Bought - $4

Started with $358.01

Ended with $355.36

$0.10 from her
$1.25 from him