Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Pair of Eyes

Lucky to have an understanding partner that is helping me on this endeavor, she found a dime in the transit top-up machine at the Mass Rail Transit system today and she's pledged it to my fund.

:) at least I'm not alone in this.

Will add the dime when i see her this weekend and collect the actual dime from her.

On a side note, my dad is going through a temporary blindness in his left eye right now, doctors say it may take roughly 6 months for the blood clot to dissepate and have his vision back.. He can't drive right now so I have to drive him and my mom around.. But he got pissed this evening and tried to go off on his own after a spat with my mom, had to stop him from doing the insane thing of driving off so had to grab the keys from the ignition.. sometimes i wonder why they do such childish things.... feel like i have to look after 2 really old kids when they start arguing.

Anyway... All Eyes On the Ground now for Step 5!

Wish me Luck

Step 4 Complete!

Yay! Went around my camp's vending machine again to see if i had missed anything and there it was, an old greyed out dime! So that completes my step 4 now on to step 5!

Started with $0.75
Ended Step with $0.85
Time Taken to Complete Step - 3 Days

The Fund is still small so i guess its all eyes on the ground.

Wish me Luck

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update on Step 4

Found a dime today outside one of the bunks of the active personnel, guess must have fallen out of their washings. O well it seems that the dime has been out for a long long time, looks well heated and aged, guess if i never picked it up it might have just gone on becoming part of the background outside.. You never really know when you'll find something, do you?

I suppose the phrase 'Opportunity will only be found if you are searching for it' is not only true but surprisingly simple to activate. We just need a little nudge in the right direction for us to truly open our minds to the world of opportunity.

Now back to the story of this dime, when i picked it up my friend looked at me and said 'why you pick the coin?' Is it me? or has the world really come to a point that if u see a dime on the floor you ignore it?

That kinda threw me aback because I ended up telling him why i was doing it instead of rebutting him with a why not? Seriously, does the value of the coin really matter for you to just pick it up? Is this what they mean by 'the younger generation now a days does not value money'?? I can already hear the voice of an old man in my voice repeating this phrase...

Must make it a point not to defend why i pick coins and just stare back at the person and asking him why not. Must help open the minds of others to the world of Opportunity, I am starting to feel a lot better about this endeavor, to really show that you can make, if not a million, a lot of money just by having the right mindset from the very beginning.

Started with $0.65
Ended with $0.75

only a nickel more to complete this step!

Wish me luck

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slowing Moving Forward

Given up on getting Ad-no-sense to approve my blog for any advertising...seriously what regulation did i no comply with.. retards..

Anyway found $0.05 beside the camp's vending machine, guess when someone found $0.05 in their pocket and seeing that they can't use it in the machine, they just dropped it.

O well the younger generation and their idea of $ isn't what it used to be. People used to treasure every cent they could find or had in their pocket but i guess without these people dropping or dumping coins there won't be people like me looking around for them. haha so i guess lucky me :)

Started with $0.60
Ended with $0.65

still gotta keep my eyes on the ground to be on the money!

Wish me Luck

Monday, September 27, 2010

To Ad-here or not to Ad-here

Not to sure what google's criteria are.. read through the entire regulations and from what i understand.. i am not violating anything......

But heck, gonna remove the doubler's resources tab. So for those that need to search for stuff regarding doubling, well just use the site that's declined my Ad-no-sense applications....

I'm treating this as an exercise to find out exactly what would I need to do before being accepted as 'Approved' worthy... Might come in handy when I start another more focus orientated blog...

wish me luck

Google Ad-no-sense

For some reason, even after removing the link to the report (because it was one of those things google refers to as an incentive click type) adsense still declined my application... Guess i won't be able to use that to add to this endavor but hey, that wasn't the point to begin with.. just wonder what about this blog is so offencive to google ad-no-sense that they declined it...

So we can't share our personal journeys of doubling with the world??

I mean all we are trying to do here(at least for me) is to share and maybe inspire others to do the same, have a goal to double their money, to put it down in a form of a blog as a declaration of intent, and share the ideas and experiences that come along the way.

Don't see what's so bad about that... and i have in no way asked anyone to do things that are of 'clicking incentives' or in anyway bad, so i really cannot understand. Why?


GRRRR!!!!! ROARW!!!!

And I'm actually not bothered by the fact that I'm not earning anything from the Ad-no-sense program but more of the fact that why are they declining this blog?

pissed off

Step 3 Complete!

Been looking for ages for my next coin, finally found it +1 at camp doing my reservist, probably one of my fellow comrades who dropped it but i guess it wouldn't have mattered. So got 2 $0.20 coins now that brings up my total to $0.60!!

Began with $0.20
Ended Step with $0.60
Time taken to complete Step - 8 Days

time to keep my eyes on the ground and on the prize!

wish me luck

Thursday, September 23, 2010

O how slow is the Grind


Its been 4 days since i last found anything... guess it is kinda tough trying to find money in a place where money is the main motivation for people.. so any stray cash on the floor will be quickly and swiftly picked by any passer-by with a keen eye.

Never the less i shall persevere and keep my eyes on the ground!

Been thinking of trying my hand at investing actively in unit trusts offered by my company, will see how my transfers work out before i embark on a separate account to really start actively investing.

The thing with unit trusts is the time at which they execute your order.. not too sure how that works and in what order, will scrutinize the system for the next 2 week of my paid 'government sanctioned holiday'.

wish me luck

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Feeling Lucky

Read about an article on how you can improve your luck and be luckier than most. Turns out being lucky is just being able to spot opportunities better or faster than the other guy around you. Its also a state of mind in the sense that it is more about feeling lucky than actually being lucky.

Having a positive outlook on life and the situations that you are in can be the big deciding factor of success or failure. Being positive also helps you appreciate where you are at right now more than regretting where you could have been.

Be open and positive about life, you never know how bad others have it until you realise how good you are living it.

wish me luck

Step 1 - My First Find!

Step 1&2 Cleared.
Found a $0.20 coin while buying breakfast/lunch at the coffee-shop near the clinic i went to this morning.

Hate being sick, been having a very bad cough that wouldn't go away even after a round of anti-biotics for a week... so tired of not being able to sleep properly at night. Hopefully this round of meds will be better.

Feeling lucky.Glad that my country's coin denominations are not as small as a cent,so i don't have to start at $0.01 like my other counter-parts, i mean we do have them just that they have been slowly removed from circulation by the authorities. So that just leaves the 5 cents, 10 cents, 20cents, 50 cents and dollar coins.

Can't wait for my next find!

Began with $0.00
Ended Step with $0.20
(Green is my favourite colour, And Green is the colour of Money!)
Time Taken to Complete Steps 1 & 2 - 1 Day

wish me luck

Brambles about recycling

I live in Singapore. For some reason unknown to myself.. recycling isn't really a cash incentivized system here.

After having read a few of the other doublers out there doing their bid to help clean the environment and earn some coin for their effort it just dawned on me that well... Singapore doesn't have a place where u can just return bottles or cans for a few cents... all of the recycling bins are just placed out there for people to "have a conscience" and be eco-friendly.

And to be honest i have seen those bins being dumped into regular trash collectors with ordinary junk.. so the fundamental question here is if those bins are just a conscience reliever for our souls? Or are they really meant to save our planet?

I firmly believe in capitalism and it seems that if there was a place for ordinary citizens to gather their recyclables and head to, in exchange for some money. I'm pretty sure that there will be alot more people recycling than dumping stuff. I get it that there might not be as many people who will be bothered to do so but it will certainly give rise to another industry where professional recyclers go from house to house to collect the recyclables and give u a small sum of money for them.

For those living in Singapore: Yes.. i know there are karang-guni men out there, but i'm talking about a standardised market where a certain commodity commands a certain value. I mean right now how likely are you to throw away your newspapers rather than save them for recycling because the old foot high pile of newspapers you were thinking of selling to the karang-guni man was just being quoted as worth $0.50, and so deters your future effort to gather and store them? Or how about plastic and glass bottles? Have you ever tried selling them to your local karang-guni?

If other first world countries can have a thriving industry from recycling, I just don't see why not here too? Especially when there are now ways to turn plastics back into oil, those empty PET bottles have just become a huge portable oil field for the world!


Link to the Report

Heres the link to the report that started it all for all the doublers out there.
And there really seems to be a strong community of them doing this system.
And if you feel that the link is a scam, just leave a comment and i'll email u the pdf file myself.

edit- decided to remove the link as it apparently is in conflict with google adsense criteria..
so for those who want the pdf just leave a comment and i'll email it over

re-edit- Stupid Ad-no-sense will not approve this blog, so i say __ u anyway here's the link to the report in support of Xinfinitum


Saturday, September 18, 2010

The 25 Steps


Step 1 - $0.10
Step 2 - $0.20
Step 3 - $0.40
Step 4 - $0.80
Step 5 - $1.60
Step 6 - $3.20
Step 7 - $6.40
Step 8 - $12.80
Step 9 - $25.60
Step 10 -$51.20
Step 11 - $102.40
Step 12 - $204.80
Step 13 - $409.60
Step 14 - $819.20
Step 15 - $1,638.40
Step 16 - $3,276.80
Step 17 - $6,553.60
Step 18 - $13,107.20
Step 19 - $26,214.40
Step 20 - $52,428.80
Step 21 - $104,857.60
Step 22 - $209,715.20
Step 23 - $419,430.40
Step 24 -$838,860.80
Step 25 - $1,677,721.60 - Goal


The Beginning

Decided to embark on this double your way to a million deal. Did you know it only takes 28 times of doubling from a cent to a million dollars?

This being Singapore, its hard to come by $0.01 so i'm gonna up the ante a bit by starting from a dime or $0.10, this will there in reduce the number of times needed to double your money to 25 and give a nicer number to work towards.

There are a set of rules set out by the creator of this system and I'm guessing that there is a greater reason for certain rules so like it says in the report, "If you don't want to follow the rules don't play the game" so I'm sticking with them. Hopefully they'll give greater meaning to the "game", but also gonna be adding a few of my own restrictions on them as it seems to more interesting if you leave out the labour bit and head straight for trading.

So here begins my attempt at it.

First thing is to set the ground rules of this endeavor for myself, this is kinda like the rules set out in the report but just for my benefit.

1) No outside money is to be put into this. (no personal contributions or money earned from work is to be included, the first dime must be found, this is after all an endeavor to get a million from nothing.)

2) The collected funds are to be separated and only used for the sole purpose of achieving the goal of a million dollars ( no dipping into the honey pot).

3) Each step must be logged in detail as to when and how the funds were achieved.

4) No Funds are to be put at risk like gambling or stock market speculation(putting money into blue chips for the sake of gaining dividends is allowed).

5) Buying items for re-sale can be done but the item must be put up for sale within a week of receiving it(this is to prevent stagnating at a certain level and to prevent hording of items to sell).

6) All funds must be earned legally and with honour , no stealing or cheating.

7) No asking for money(begging) or trading cash for cash(unless foreign currency or antique coins). Seen somewhere that some people would ask to exchange a dime for a quarter or a penny for a dime but in my view that is just cheating someone. Yes you can do that and claim that its an "experiment" but in the end of the day is kinda like cheating someone out of their half. So no trading cash for more cash.

8) No leapfrogging through trade, found money can be added into the fund and leapfrog you to the next level but not money earned through trade(this is one of the fundamental rules stated in the free report). The excess from that level will be taken as 'profit' and be spent on yourself.

I guess that's it for now so.. here we go.

Wish me luck