Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Trolley Money

Today was a good day, found $0.10 at the slope to her house while we were heading to church for midnight mass.
Went to Queen of Peace at Tanjong Katong for midnight mass. The pageant was okay, choir performing the pageant could have been better some of them were really off key and the solos were terrible... The main choir was good but there was also this really low male voice that peaked out from time to time and kinda ruined the songs...

After mass, we went to a kopitiam near her brother's house for drinks, once there I immediately saw a trolley with the lock still in place and was wondering if there was a dollar inside. She decided that since we were there to push the trolley back to the supermarket that it came from. Turns out the supermarket was a distance away but I guess it was a nice stroll with her except the trolley was awfully noisy from being pushed along the road. The trolley did indeed contain a dollar, so I guess that goes to her count because even though I spotted the trolley, she pushed it back.

Nice Christmas Eve so far more Christmas Goodness later!

Started with $30.19

Ended with $31.29
$1.00 From her
$0.10 From him

Merry Christmas to All!

Wish me Luck

Friday, December 24, 2010

Voyage Di La Vie and Update on Step 10

She found $0.10 on Wednesday while coming out of the MRT station.
I found $0.10 this evening while out with her family at Resorts World Sentosa, it was when we exited the super candy store - "Candylicious", it was just there on the carpet at the entrance. So lucky me to find it and not anyone else :)
She complained that every time she manages to find anything I will just up the ante and find even more. What to do? Its a mini competition right? :P

Went there to watch RWS' resident show "Voyage Di La Vie". Wasn't too sure what to expect from the show at first but it turned out to be a really good show!

The music is good, the acts are good, the set and props are fantastic!
The acrobats were great,they were so mesmerising to watch that throughout the show I was just smiling away in awe!
The contortionist is amazing, that young boy can really bend in ways that the human body just isn't meant to!
The magicians are amazing, they are a really funny act and well magic is just magical!
And at the closing the trapeze artists were just swinging and twirling right above our heads!
I loved it, the show far exceeded my expectations of a circus show and was really engaging to behold.

I would recommend everyone to take the time and watch the show because in such a small theater, you just get completely immersed in the show unlike overseas where the theaters are so big that you can hardly see the performers' faces clearly.
At RWS the theater is nice and cozy that any seat can really give you a great view of the show.

Started with $29.99

Ended with $30.19
$0.10 From her
$0.10 From him

Wishing all of you out there Happy Holidays!

Wish me Luck

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ho Ho Ho and an Apple Ipad

Gave in over the weekend and bought an Apple Ipad. But not for myself so I guess its alright right?
Anyway gave it to her as her Christmas present and put some comic books and apps that she wanted to read into it. Hope she likes it.
I'm not really an Apple person, so the thought of parting $$ to Apple really gives me the goosebumps. But well I got it second hand and the person that I got it from won it from a lucky draw.
So in this case I think I'm safe from the heebie jeebies. :P

Got to admit the Ipad looks great, but the lack of the ability to customise anything really is the pinnacle of control by Apple. Which is mainly why I'd always support the other platforms like Windows or Google's Android.

Apply culture just isn't my cup of tea.

Anyway, to all that are reading this little journal of mine.

Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year, may 2011 be at least 50% better than the shitstorm of 2010.

Wish me Luck

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visit to my gold mine again - Borders Bookstore

I love visiting Borders!

This time while shopping for Christmas presents with her in Borders Parkway Parade I went around looking and found a total of $1.10!

Started with $28.89

Ended with $29.99
$1.10 From him

Wish me Luck

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Step Update / Toami-Gyo Fishing Season Revisited / Voucher values revised

Found a Dollar today at the arcade today, it was in the coin return slot and no one had noticed it was there, this time we went to the "big league" arcades at east coast park to try our hands at the Toami-gyo/Fishing Season machines there. Didn't get to use the 3 tokens we found earlier because they were from another place.

Its was amazing watching the "pros" there because there was this Uncle that kept killing the sharks that came out; each shark is worth 100 coins; to the point that we got to see a special shark that transformed into a gold shark after it was killed the 1st time. Sadly I doubt he managed to recoup his investment because the boss shark he killed was only worth 500 coins, the other "pro" couple that was there too had won 1000 coins off the boss shark earlier.

Its more expensive than the normal kiddie arcade because each shot costs $0.20! That's double the amount! They do have a promotion where you get an extra 150 coins if you change $50 and another 500 coins if you change $100, which would bring down the cost of each shot to around $0.10. But I guess because the prizes that you can exchange are better, the likes of Sony Playstation 3, Apple's Iphone4, asus eee PC, basically the good stuff.

O well spent like $60 there with her.... but ended with nothing, sigh.... anyway while we were there some other lucky and persistent folks got their hands on an Apple Iphone4 and what looks like an Iphone4 but I suspect is not... mainly because the box it was in was one of those China knock-offs...

She was tempted by the Iphone 4s that were there in the machines for the winning and thus tried her hand at it with $3, which needless to say ended with nothing in return. Its a variation of the those "ufo" claw machines but instead of catching the item, you have to position the pressure sensitive probe to poke at the many holes that hold the prizes. So if you manage to get the probe through a hole, you'll be able to push the prize down and win it.

I've been keeping logs of how much we've spent so far for the whole arcade thing and its right now at $212! I can't believe that at my age, I'm still spending that kind of money playing games at the arcades...

And I am going to change the value of the vouchers that I got and any future vouchers I receive for the surveys to a value of 1.5:1.0

This would ensure that I am not paying exactly for the vouchers that I am buying from the fund but at a discounted rate. This is partially to reward myself for slogging at those surveys and to ensure that I do not get disgruntled with the fact that I'm just putting money into the fund by buying the vouchers outright.

So I shall revise the amount I have now in the fund.

Started with revised amount of $27.89

Ended with $28.89
$1.00 From him

Wish me Luck

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bintan Nice and Sunny / Step 10 Update

Found $0.02 today in the office.

Bintan was good but spending quality time with her is great.

Sadly we went during the monsoon season so all sea sports were closed, we only managed to get a bit of body boarding done and the rest of the time was spent either by the pool or just walking up and down the beach looking for clams and crabs. O and we also had a nice round of archery shooting at the range.

The weather was great clear skies and all, only on the last night did it start to drizzle a little but I guess it cooled the night even further which was nice when we were having our dinner by the beach.

We stayed in a Deluxe Sea View Room, but the only sea we saw from our room was the horizon where the sky met the sea. There was only 1 side of the East Wing which had a real clear view of the sea, so all the other "Deluxe Sea View Rooms" paid more for the view of Trees!

The other draw back about Bintan was the price of the food! We should have brought our own supply of noodles or something because hell was it expensive.

We choose to stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort which we heard good things about but the 3 restaurants there had horrible food and the buffet spread was ridiculous for the price...

The Italian restaurant Orzo was a joke, the food was bad and the portions small, the only nice thing was the service which is the only reason I tipped!

The restaurant by the beach was called 3DSR for some reason and was their Signature restaurant, the western selection was small and sad but luckily I ordered a plate of kailan that was delicious and worth the price compared to the other dishes available...

Overall I enjoyed myself at Bintan, just doing simple things and being with her. She can't wait for our next holiday trip but that would have to be later on because of her going back to study and my work.

Gonna be Christmas soon then a new year, only wish is for everything in the world to be better. The financial situation around the world, the level of hostility going on in the middle east and the korean peninsula, I really hope that 2011 will be at least 50% better than 2010 then it will be a great year.

Started with $37.87

Ended with $37.89
$0.02 From him

Wish me Luck

Monday, December 13, 2010

Received Vouchers - Step 8 & 9 Complete!

Got the $30 vouchers in the mail today, guess I'm jumping ahead in the steps from this :)

More $ to come! Hope it comes in SGD.. else would lose a bit from the exchange and the cost to deposit a foreign cheque...

Started with $7.87

Ended Step 8 & 9 with $37.87
Time taken to Complete Steps - 16 Days
From him

Wish me Luck

Friday, December 10, 2010

Well Deserved Break

Finally gonna take a short break away from Singapore. Heading to Bintan for the next few days! Hope the weather holds... please don't rain! Clear Skies! Clear Skies!

Wish me Luck

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Addition To Our Herd

! Pearlie just gave birth at 4.40am to a mosaic! Hope everything is well and its healthy! can't wait to see him properly in the morning.

Wish me Luck

Crappy few days....

Dang has it been bad or has it been bad... kinda crashed my car today, dinged the right front tyre into the guardrail along the expressway.... worst of all I know its my own fault... too tired from cleaning my room the whole day... sigh....

Never really found anything too so that's a bummer...

Hope tomorrow will be better with Walking with Dinosaurs.

Wish me Luck

Friday, December 3, 2010

Redemption Day

Seems today is a good day as any to redeem my points for a few of the survey sites because well... the first one I kinda claimed by accident so theres SGD30 in vouchers coming my way, the second is because I'm afraid that the points might expire because I've been at this site for awhile, so another USD100 coming as well.

She and I both found $0.01 in the last 2 days to that's another $0.02 into the fund.

I guess I'll only add the amount only after I receive the cheque and vouchers.

Started with $7.85

Ended with $7.87
$0.01 From her
$0.01 From him

Wish me Luck