Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Overseas Loot

Really proud of my girl, she went for a holiday for 2 weeks in the U.K and came back a few days ago, she kept this project in mind and was diligently looking out for coins while she was there too and managed to come back with quite a nice bag of loot.

Will post the breakdown on how she found it once she tells me in detail but the total is really impressive.
1 Two Cent Euro coin, 11 Pennys,1 Two Pence,2 Five Pence,2 Twenty Pence and a Pound!

I guess this means i'll have to seperate the different currencies instead of lumping them together.

Started with $205.10
Minus foreign currency - 5 Thai Baht $0.20
Ended with $204.90

Wish us Luck

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dry spell after the redemptions

Its been a long while since finding a physical coin... found 5 thai baht(roughly SG$0.20) at the airport while sending her off on her long holiday... gonna miss her.

Started with $204.90

Ended with $205.10
5 Thai Baht(roughly $0.20) from him