Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tough few weeks

Its been really hard on my family the past 2 weeks, firstly my dad had a stroke last monday which is resulting in him being hospitalised for the next 3-4 weeks, then my pet chinchilla gave birth to twins and subsequently died a day later leaving me and her to hand feed and take care of the baby chinchillas but alas after 2 days of round the clock care they didn't make it.
I've not had a good nights rest for the past 2 weeks because of these things and have really altogether glazed over my surveys and hardly traveled out besides going to work then to the hospital then home then rinse and repeat having to have meals at whatever juncture i can. Having to ferry my mom to and fro the hospital is also taxing as it means getting up earlier and then leaving for work right after. And hearing how our fellow doubler X is also having alot of problems with his health is also distressing, it seems that our lives are really shit now but i know its worse for X and i wish him all the best with his bladder cancer.
I guess all we can do is just bite the bullet and push on, as the saying goes tough times don't last but tough people do.

Wish us Luck

Monday, July 18, 2011


Finally broke the dry spell after such a long while, acutally she broke it, anyway she found a $0.20 coin while at the carpark on saturday when we were getting our groceries. Nice to have something brighten up your day after such a long spell of nothing. It almost seems as if everyone just got really careful with their coins or that more people are picking up coins than ever.. I personally blame the economy.. and the weather.. and the government.. I'd blame everyone if I could... bah!!!

Started with $205.90

Ended with $206.10
$0.20 from her

anyway wish us luck


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unexpected and a little guilty..

was at takashimaya with her yesterday for dinner, saw a trolley that was in the trolley bay outside cold storage with the coin slot still unopened so i was trying to put the key back to retrieve the dollar coin but with no luck, then out of a sudden the manager at cold storage turned around and called for the trolley guy to help me get the coin out, after trying for awhile without success he just told the trolley guy to give me a dollar. That kinda made me feel a little guilty so i just froze there after accepting the coin.... still feeling a little guilty right now... and just as i was saying to her that i was in a drought... this happens... o well...

Started with $204.90

Ended with $205.90
$1.00 from him

Wish me Luck