Saturday, April 30, 2011

Step 12 Update

Went to the movies today to watch a remake of "A Chinese Ghost Story" and tadah... it sucked.. but the nice thing that happened was a trolley find on the way to the theater at the carpark.

Started with $133.85

Ended with $134.85
$1.00 from him

Wish me Luck

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Excerpts from articles on being rich

Lately yahoo has been posting a few articles on how to save and being rich.
Below are a few things that I've learnt:

"Wealth Is What You Save, Not What You Spend"

"Wealth is more often the result of a lifestyle of hard work, perseverance, planning, and, most of all, self discipline"

"Income alone does not make one rich"

"Don't look to debt to fund your lifestyle"

"Live below your means:People with high incomes who spend all that money are not rich; they're just stupid."

"credit-card debt for luxury purchases or extravagant vacations will never pave a road to riches"

"Have access to Cash: While the rich keep much of their wealth invested, they can get cash when they need it."

hope these bits help

Wish me Luck

Monday, April 11, 2011

Update on Step 12

Today was good found some coins,a 10 cents and a 20 cents coin, lying under the counter of the supermarket when we went there for some grocery shopping after dinner.
Looks like the radiation in japan is starting to affect some businesses here, as we had japanese food and some items were not available due to the checks by our local authority for food the AVA....
Missed out on my japanese curry... dang it.. o well.. hope things start to go well over in japan.

Started with $133.55

Ended with $133.85
$0.10 from him
$0.20 from her

Wish me Luck

Friday, April 8, 2011

Paradox.. Toami-Gyo@ECP

Went back to play our remanding 100 tokens today, had really good fun. Spent an unexpected 4 hours there with that 100 tokens, she got a 1000 token jackpot and lasted all the 4 hours.
I on the other hand lost my 50 tokens in about an hour after going all the way up to 200. Joined her in her game and swapped with her because she got tired after like 2 hours.. we ended up sharing the job of shooting and aiming, she shot and i aimed.
And for the next 2 hours we tried to either get the jackpot again or to lose it all because from what we knew we couldn't cash out to tokens anymore so we just went with it... and after the 2 hours we finally got another gem to get the 500 jackpot.....
I don't think I'm supposed to say this but the guy actually changed put 1/2 our stake of 900 credits back to tokens! So i guess they loop-holed it? So now we have 450 in tokens and 450 in tickets to exchange for prizes...
Hope this doesn't get them into trouble...

Wish me Luck

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update on Step 12

Been a really interesting step, with it being too little to actually do something sizable and not worth the risk of trading small time due to the size of the local market, its really too small to be trying to sell small nick nacks unless you can make nice jewllery, that being said I cannot...

Been a really surprising day, while we were heading for dinner, she spotted a trolley that was so close to the supermarket that I'd thought it couldn't have had a dollar in it but it did. So we took a minute to push it back to the trolley bay and got the dollar.

Kinda disturbing how something with real value, a dollar can be just chucked to a side like that when to retrieve that dollar is just a minute or less away... The people that abandoned it must be some philiantrophist or something because they might as well be just giving money away... but I am grateful, because without these abadoners I won't have it so easy with the fund.

Started with $132.55

Ended with $133.55
$1.00 from her

Wish me Luck