Friday, April 8, 2011

Paradox.. Toami-Gyo@ECP

Went back to play our remanding 100 tokens today, had really good fun. Spent an unexpected 4 hours there with that 100 tokens, she got a 1000 token jackpot and lasted all the 4 hours.
I on the other hand lost my 50 tokens in about an hour after going all the way up to 200. Joined her in her game and swapped with her because she got tired after like 2 hours.. we ended up sharing the job of shooting and aiming, she shot and i aimed.
And for the next 2 hours we tried to either get the jackpot again or to lose it all because from what we knew we couldn't cash out to tokens anymore so we just went with it... and after the 2 hours we finally got another gem to get the 500 jackpot.....
I don't think I'm supposed to say this but the guy actually changed put 1/2 our stake of 900 credits back to tokens! So i guess they loop-holed it? So now we have 450 in tokens and 450 in tickets to exchange for prizes...
Hope this doesn't get them into trouble...

Wish me Luck

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