Saturday, January 29, 2011

Her Luck

Its weird because when she's down and feeling unhappy because she hasn't found anything in a while, then she suddenly goes "I wanna find a coin" and yes its happened again.
She found a $0.10 in the supermarket after we had our dinner nearby.

Started with $118.45

Ended with $118.55
$0.10 from her

Wish me Luck

Monday, January 24, 2011

Slow slow week

Been rather busy the entire week beside tuesday and friday due to the roadshow.. horrible location, horrible response and not enough team spirit... sigh..

Anyway found $0.10 on saturday's stint at the roadshow.

Started with $118.35

Ended with $118.45
$0.10 from him

Wish me Luck

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pulau Ubin

Went to Pulau Ubin with her niece and nephews to cycle today, lucky we had good weather not too sunny and no rain, been awhile since either of us cycled there almost a year if I'm not mistaken. Really out of shape, especially with the slipped disc and all...
Found $0.10 at a drinks shop but she made me leave it behind because I found it in the shop and because the owner was an old man... Then on the way back I found another $0.05 below the bench at the jetty. So at least I got something today :)

Started with $118.30

Ended with $118.35
$0.05 from him

Wish me Luck

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rough few days / Cheque Recieved / Step 10 & 11 Complete

Been slow these past 5 days, only managed to find $0.10 today while working at a roadshow.

Finally got my cheque from the surveys today, bastard bank gave such a rubbish rate USD1 to SGD1.259 which is more than 0.041 off the normal rate....

Gonna count the survey money as I do with my coupons so its 1.5 : 1.0, total for the survey would be $83.91

Started with $34.29

Ended Step 10 & 11 with $118.30
Time taken to complete 10 & 11 - 37 Days
$84.01 from him
Profit Taken $41.99

Wish me Luck

Friday, January 14, 2011

Rocky Horror Show, Beach Stroll and Unappreciative cats

Caught The Rocky Horror Show with her today, gotta say that its one of the weirdest theatre shows I've seen before. The show is way out there with a really buff transvestite alien/mad scientist that created a hunky boy toy Frankenstein style, the songs were fun but hard to catch the words as they sang really fast at some bits. Then there was this irritating ang-moh(Caucasian) heckler sitting right at the front row that kept making fun of Hossan Leong for having no neck but Hossan held his own and ribbed the heckler back on several occasions. Another interesting thing was the audience, some were really flamboyant in dress with guys wearing really really Out and Proud fashion, there was this 1 guy in front of us who had on this extremely colourful rainbow sequin jacket and at the back was a male ang-moh who was topless except for a big red bra and a huge feather boa around his neck.

There were many other ang-mohs who dressed up for the show as well and during the show some of them did stuff that was part of the show, like splashing water over our heads when there was a raining effect on stage, shone flashlights when there was a song about searching for the light and throwing rice when there was a wedding scene on stage, wasn't really sure if they were part of the crew or not but learnt after the show that they were really just part of the audience but were just given instructions to do certain things at certain moments of the show so as to help with the atmosphere.

Enjoyed the show with all that song and dance. Truly Rocking, but not for the faint hearted contains really sexual messages.

So after the show, we decided to head to the beach for a walk down the jetty, haven't had the time in the past few months to take a stroll so just decided to go. The weather was good with the moon partially covered by dark clouds it was nice and cool. We usually walk down the jetty and along the way will pick any small dried fish that was left behind by the many casual fishermen that visit the area. We'd collect them to feed to the many cats that were along the beach, this time was no different. When we reached the end of the jetty, we happened upon a few guys that were fishing for sotong(squid), using a kerosene lamp they would lure the squid near and scoop them up with nets on long poles. While we were there we witnessed 2 such squid being caught, its a true waiting game that they play with the sotongs. On our way back, we started picking the dried fish that were around the place and headed to feed the stray cats around the area but to our disappointment, the cats not only didn't eat our fish but completely snubbed them...just took a whiff and walked off... truly ungrateful cats.. but anyway after washing our hands at the public toilet nearby I saw a vending machine and by habit checked the coin return and found a $0.20 coin.
Nice end to the night dispite the obnoxious cats...

Started with $34.09

Ended with $34.29
$0.20 from him

Wish me Luck

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sadly, after 3 days of hard work for the contest.... it came out to naught.. zilch.. nothing... really irritated that they didn't even have a consolation prize for all the hard work the other finalists put in... then just like that it was over without anything.. c'est la vie...

Wish me Luck

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We got into the finals!

Today has been really great, with the difficult challenge of putting making-up on her and the stage game behind us, onward we go into the finals.

Its been really tiring with all the things that we've had to do but it has been fun.

Tomorrow will be the finals and hopefully we get to walk away with either of the 3 prizes. Fingers crossed.
The only thing that I'm really miffed at is that the guys get tossed aside in the finals, it becomes all about the girls and their gowns.
They've not set aside even a single article of clothing for the guys, just told us to bring our own jacket and tie...
Wedding companies really need to level the playing field here, can't just treat us like 2nd class citizens... It would be our wedding too you know...

In the midst of all the hectic running around, I managed to find an abandoned trolley and brought it back for the dollar. O how I love trolley money!

Started with $33.09

Ended with $34.09
$1.00 from him

Wish us Luck for the finals!

Today is her day

Today really belongs to her, she found a total of $1.05 today including a dollar from a trolley we found abandoned within the shopping mall at Kallang Leisure Park.

Also we entered a couple's contest a week back and today at the preliminary round, we got through! That means a chance at over $3,000 in cash and prizes! 2 more days of competition left, wish us luck!

Started with $32.04

Ended with $33.09
$1.05 from her

Wish Us Luck

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good day with pickings everywhere!

Took an early day from work to spend some time with her after her class ended. Work was crappy because of a stupid audit that I didn't fair very well at. She wanted to go cycling but the weather wasn't cooperating again...

Went to Tampines for a walk instead and found $0.20 in a vending machine at Tampines Mall, while we were visiting the arcade, TimeZone, she found $0.10 in front of the cashier and met her good friend's parents, they must be wondering what we were doing in the arcade at that time.. anyway we walked through the arcade because we were looking to see what movie was available, sadly no good movies were showing.

Disappointed we proceeded back down the mall and headed to the other mall next door, Century Square. Again we headed upstairs to the cinema level and still nothing good, so the next best thing was to take a look at the arcade there too.

This one was run by Star Factory, the thing I don't understand is why they choose to purchase the ugly looking china knock offs of Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season, but amazingly the machines, all 3 of them, were almost fully occupied. While there she found a token hidden behind a racing machine that was not near the "Toami-Gyo" machines and decided to risk that token on a double or nothing shot. Needless to say, she got nothing back.

We started to feel hungry and thus left to look for some good tasting fish soup, on our way back to the car-park, she found $0.05 and I found $0.10.

Not bad a day I thought, a total of $0.45 between us today and even before we had dinner.

But the surprising thing is that during dinner, just as she asked "so see any coins?" I replied "actually..." and then went to the table next to us and picked up a $0.20 coin.
After we had dinner, while buying bread for the next day, she found our last coin of the day at the bakery, a $0.05 coin.

So our total for the day was a not so shabby $0.70.

Started with $31.34

Ended with $32.04
$0.20 From her
$0.50 From him

Wish me Luck

Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season New Discovery @Marine Cove

Just as I was thinking that the version of Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season couldn't get anymore interesting... And yes this post will be all about the arcade game.

While we were taking a walk along east coast park after work today, we couldn't help it but just pop in to take a look at what prizes were available and if we were able to chance upon any tokens or even better still $1 coins that were left behind, but it seems that we were there too early as there was hardly anyone at the arcade at Marine Cove at around 6 there was only this family there playing the Mario jackpot coin feeder. Looked around to no avail for coins and tokens but saw that they have imported a new china version of the game Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season.
It was a huge machine as it combined 2 normal machines side by side into 1 so a total of 10 people could be playing at the same time, the screens were also connected so if you shot 1 bullet from 1 end it would travel all the way through to the other screen, making for a more worth while shot if you span the 2 screens because you'd more than likely hit something and not waste a shot.
This new machine was a rip off from the original Toami-Gyo in that the graphics were the same but the instructions were in chinese and they added a few new species of shark and dolphin so as to not infringe on copyright outright I suppose... It looked alot better than the original knock-offs of Toami-Gyo but only because they used the same graphics, another feature they changed and in my opinion made better was the increase in power animations. The original had a slower traveling cannon when you increased the firepower upwards from 2 to 5, this only was able to increase the cannon till 3 but the 2 coin shot looked a lot cooler because they made it into a double cannon instead of a single and the 3 coin shot's animation was a sort of explosion and was faster than the original. This I gotta give kudos to the chinese as it was one thing I didn't really like in the original was the speed at which the more expensive shots traveled, and they made an improvement not just rip off the original wholesale.

They also added a "fish racing" feature during the change of location, in which you could choose between the 6 fish who was gonna win and put a bet on them, kinda like horse racing but in this case with the fishes from game. It would most certainly be rigged to the advantage of the game but hey its an interesting idea and since it was now 2 screens instead of the 1 they had more space to be creative. Leave it to the chinese to make it a betting thing huh...
We can bet on anything!

Anyway after our walk we returned to the arcade to take a 2nd look and there were people playing the new machine, it seems that they've changed the bonus stage system and reduced the amount of gems you'd need to reach it to just 5 gems but in order to get a gem you'd have to hit a mini jackpot which had a prize ranging from the gem to 0-50 coins in multiples of 10, and yes you can actually not win anything at this mini jackpot... you get a :( emocon face instead.

So after you've got the 5 gems and get to the bonus stage, which has also been changed to just a jackpot style spinning of a wheel,instead of the cool boss shark, while the game continues.

To me this kinda kills it because you end up just constantly shooting without a clear goal, like the original of reaching the boss shark, but I guess they needed to make it this way because imagine if all 10 spots had people playing and someone got to the bonus stage, the other 9 would just have to wait while you cleared the boss shark.... that would really put a lot of people off.... anyway while we were there someone hit the bonus and it ranges from 200-1000 coins.

Really got my hands itchy watching this new version, but because the rates at Marine Cove are really expensive and we both kinda stopped each other from playing so maybe some other time... Or till they get this machine at Marina Square :P Much prefer this than the horrible graphics of the knock 0ffs...

Wish me Luck

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Toami-Gyo Revisited Again

To one and all a very happy new year!

This evening was fun, we had dinner at Asia Grand and proceeded to play Toami-Gyo at the arcade in Marina Square.

It seems that the machines there have been modified and are cheaper to play, at $0.10 per shot they have raised the reward for killing bigger prey too like the turtle,puffer fish and other bigger fish previously higher than 3 coins.

Now the big jelly fish are 10 coins each! The turtles are 50 from the previous 20, that's a huge difference!

It seems that the kill rate for them is still the same so it really is more profitable.

But we didn't end up winning as there was this couple playing there for the entire day and they were really monopolizing the game by spraying shots all over the screen....

Anyway while we were at the arcade, she found 1 token and I found a token.

She half joked that we could actually just start collecting the tokens so we could play a free game of Toami-Gyo with like 40 found tokens.

Hehe I guess that is possible as we've been able to find something everytime we've visited these big league arcades...

O well after that while we were walking around, she found $0.05 when we took a detour into HMV at citylink because the floors were carpeted. She had learned this trick from me and managed to find the $0.05 coin near the cashier counter.

So its a good start for the year, may 2011 be at least 50% better than 2010 and that everyone be safe and healthy.

Started with $31.29

Ended with $31.34
$0.05 From her

Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year, still awaiting my cheque for the USD100... hope it comes soon the USD seems to be taking a beating recently...

Wish me Luck