Saturday, January 8, 2011

We got into the finals!

Today has been really great, with the difficult challenge of putting making-up on her and the stage game behind us, onward we go into the finals.

Its been really tiring with all the things that we've had to do but it has been fun.

Tomorrow will be the finals and hopefully we get to walk away with either of the 3 prizes. Fingers crossed.
The only thing that I'm really miffed at is that the guys get tossed aside in the finals, it becomes all about the girls and their gowns.
They've not set aside even a single article of clothing for the guys, just told us to bring our own jacket and tie...
Wedding companies really need to level the playing field here, can't just treat us like 2nd class citizens... It would be our wedding too you know...

In the midst of all the hectic running around, I managed to find an abandoned trolley and brought it back for the dollar. O how I love trolley money!

Started with $33.09

Ended with $34.09
$1.00 from him

Wish us Luck for the finals!

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