Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season New Discovery @Marine Cove

Just as I was thinking that the version of Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season couldn't get anymore interesting... And yes this post will be all about the arcade game.

While we were taking a walk along east coast park after work today, we couldn't help it but just pop in to take a look at what prizes were available and if we were able to chance upon any tokens or even better still $1 coins that were left behind, but it seems that we were there too early as there was hardly anyone at the arcade at Marine Cove at around 6 there was only this family there playing the Mario jackpot coin feeder. Looked around to no avail for coins and tokens but saw that they have imported a new china version of the game Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season.
It was a huge machine as it combined 2 normal machines side by side into 1 so a total of 10 people could be playing at the same time, the screens were also connected so if you shot 1 bullet from 1 end it would travel all the way through to the other screen, making for a more worth while shot if you span the 2 screens because you'd more than likely hit something and not waste a shot.
This new machine was a rip off from the original Toami-Gyo in that the graphics were the same but the instructions were in chinese and they added a few new species of shark and dolphin so as to not infringe on copyright outright I suppose... It looked alot better than the original knock-offs of Toami-Gyo but only because they used the same graphics, another feature they changed and in my opinion made better was the increase in power animations. The original had a slower traveling cannon when you increased the firepower upwards from 2 to 5, this only was able to increase the cannon till 3 but the 2 coin shot looked a lot cooler because they made it into a double cannon instead of a single and the 3 coin shot's animation was a sort of explosion and was faster than the original. This I gotta give kudos to the chinese as it was one thing I didn't really like in the original was the speed at which the more expensive shots traveled, and they made an improvement not just rip off the original wholesale.

They also added a "fish racing" feature during the change of location, in which you could choose between the 6 fish who was gonna win and put a bet on them, kinda like horse racing but in this case with the fishes from game. It would most certainly be rigged to the advantage of the game but hey its an interesting idea and since it was now 2 screens instead of the 1 they had more space to be creative. Leave it to the chinese to make it a betting thing huh...
We can bet on anything!

Anyway after our walk we returned to the arcade to take a 2nd look and there were people playing the new machine, it seems that they've changed the bonus stage system and reduced the amount of gems you'd need to reach it to just 5 gems but in order to get a gem you'd have to hit a mini jackpot which had a prize ranging from the gem to 0-50 coins in multiples of 10, and yes you can actually not win anything at this mini jackpot... you get a :( emocon face instead.

So after you've got the 5 gems and get to the bonus stage, which has also been changed to just a jackpot style spinning of a wheel,instead of the cool boss shark, while the game continues.

To me this kinda kills it because you end up just constantly shooting without a clear goal, like the original of reaching the boss shark, but I guess they needed to make it this way because imagine if all 10 spots had people playing and someone got to the bonus stage, the other 9 would just have to wait while you cleared the boss shark.... that would really put a lot of people off.... anyway while we were there someone hit the bonus and it ranges from 200-1000 coins.

Really got my hands itchy watching this new version, but because the rates at Marine Cove are really expensive and we both kinda stopped each other from playing so maybe some other time... Or till they get this machine at Marina Square :P Much prefer this than the horrible graphics of the knock 0ffs...

Wish me Luck

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