Friday, January 14, 2011

Rocky Horror Show, Beach Stroll and Unappreciative cats

Caught The Rocky Horror Show with her today, gotta say that its one of the weirdest theatre shows I've seen before. The show is way out there with a really buff transvestite alien/mad scientist that created a hunky boy toy Frankenstein style, the songs were fun but hard to catch the words as they sang really fast at some bits. Then there was this irritating ang-moh(Caucasian) heckler sitting right at the front row that kept making fun of Hossan Leong for having no neck but Hossan held his own and ribbed the heckler back on several occasions. Another interesting thing was the audience, some were really flamboyant in dress with guys wearing really really Out and Proud fashion, there was this 1 guy in front of us who had on this extremely colourful rainbow sequin jacket and at the back was a male ang-moh who was topless except for a big red bra and a huge feather boa around his neck.

There were many other ang-mohs who dressed up for the show as well and during the show some of them did stuff that was part of the show, like splashing water over our heads when there was a raining effect on stage, shone flashlights when there was a song about searching for the light and throwing rice when there was a wedding scene on stage, wasn't really sure if they were part of the crew or not but learnt after the show that they were really just part of the audience but were just given instructions to do certain things at certain moments of the show so as to help with the atmosphere.

Enjoyed the show with all that song and dance. Truly Rocking, but not for the faint hearted contains really sexual messages.

So after the show, we decided to head to the beach for a walk down the jetty, haven't had the time in the past few months to take a stroll so just decided to go. The weather was good with the moon partially covered by dark clouds it was nice and cool. We usually walk down the jetty and along the way will pick any small dried fish that was left behind by the many casual fishermen that visit the area. We'd collect them to feed to the many cats that were along the beach, this time was no different. When we reached the end of the jetty, we happened upon a few guys that were fishing for sotong(squid), using a kerosene lamp they would lure the squid near and scoop them up with nets on long poles. While we were there we witnessed 2 such squid being caught, its a true waiting game that they play with the sotongs. On our way back, we started picking the dried fish that were around the place and headed to feed the stray cats around the area but to our disappointment, the cats not only didn't eat our fish but completely snubbed them...just took a whiff and walked off... truly ungrateful cats.. but anyway after washing our hands at the public toilet nearby I saw a vending machine and by habit checked the coin return and found a $0.20 coin.
Nice end to the night dispite the obnoxious cats...

Started with $34.09

Ended with $34.29
$0.20 from him

Wish me Luck

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