Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Toami-Gyo Revisited Again

To one and all a very happy new year!

This evening was fun, we had dinner at Asia Grand and proceeded to play Toami-Gyo at the arcade in Marina Square.

It seems that the machines there have been modified and are cheaper to play, at $0.10 per shot they have raised the reward for killing bigger prey too like the turtle,puffer fish and other bigger fish previously higher than 3 coins.

Now the big jelly fish are 10 coins each! The turtles are 50 from the previous 20, that's a huge difference!

It seems that the kill rate for them is still the same so it really is more profitable.

But we didn't end up winning as there was this couple playing there for the entire day and they were really monopolizing the game by spraying shots all over the screen....

Anyway while we were at the arcade, she found 1 token and I found a token.

She half joked that we could actually just start collecting the tokens so we could play a free game of Toami-Gyo with like 40 found tokens.

Hehe I guess that is possible as we've been able to find something everytime we've visited these big league arcades...

O well after that while we were walking around, she found $0.05 when we took a detour into HMV at citylink because the floors were carpeted. She had learned this trick from me and managed to find the $0.05 coin near the cashier counter.

So its a good start for the year, may 2011 be at least 50% better than 2010 and that everyone be safe and healthy.

Started with $31.29

Ended with $31.34
$0.05 From her

Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year, still awaiting my cheque for the USD100... hope it comes soon the USD seems to be taking a beating recently...

Wish me Luck

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