Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Trolley Money

Today was a good day, found $0.10 at the slope to her house while we were heading to church for midnight mass.
Went to Queen of Peace at Tanjong Katong for midnight mass. The pageant was okay, choir performing the pageant could have been better some of them were really off key and the solos were terrible... The main choir was good but there was also this really low male voice that peaked out from time to time and kinda ruined the songs...

After mass, we went to a kopitiam near her brother's house for drinks, once there I immediately saw a trolley with the lock still in place and was wondering if there was a dollar inside. She decided that since we were there to push the trolley back to the supermarket that it came from. Turns out the supermarket was a distance away but I guess it was a nice stroll with her except the trolley was awfully noisy from being pushed along the road. The trolley did indeed contain a dollar, so I guess that goes to her count because even though I spotted the trolley, she pushed it back.

Nice Christmas Eve so far more Christmas Goodness later!

Started with $30.19

Ended with $31.29
$1.00 From her
$0.10 From him

Merry Christmas to All!

Wish me Luck

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