Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bintan Nice and Sunny / Step 10 Update

Found $0.02 today in the office.

Bintan was good but spending quality time with her is great.

Sadly we went during the monsoon season so all sea sports were closed, we only managed to get a bit of body boarding done and the rest of the time was spent either by the pool or just walking up and down the beach looking for clams and crabs. O and we also had a nice round of archery shooting at the range.

The weather was great clear skies and all, only on the last night did it start to drizzle a little but I guess it cooled the night even further which was nice when we were having our dinner by the beach.

We stayed in a Deluxe Sea View Room, but the only sea we saw from our room was the horizon where the sky met the sea. There was only 1 side of the East Wing which had a real clear view of the sea, so all the other "Deluxe Sea View Rooms" paid more for the view of Trees!

The other draw back about Bintan was the price of the food! We should have brought our own supply of noodles or something because hell was it expensive.

We choose to stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort which we heard good things about but the 3 restaurants there had horrible food and the buffet spread was ridiculous for the price...

The Italian restaurant Orzo was a joke, the food was bad and the portions small, the only nice thing was the service which is the only reason I tipped!

The restaurant by the beach was called 3DSR for some reason and was their Signature restaurant, the western selection was small and sad but luckily I ordered a plate of kailan that was delicious and worth the price compared to the other dishes available...

Overall I enjoyed myself at Bintan, just doing simple things and being with her. She can't wait for our next holiday trip but that would have to be later on because of her going back to study and my work.

Gonna be Christmas soon then a new year, only wish is for everything in the world to be better. The financial situation around the world, the level of hostility going on in the middle east and the korean peninsula, I really hope that 2011 will be at least 50% better than 2010 then it will be a great year.

Started with $37.87

Ended with $37.89
$0.02 From him

Wish me Luck

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