Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Error Rectified - Step 12 Cleared! Hello Step 13!

Figured out why my calculations were off.. and by $20!
It was the $30 in vouchers that came in for one of my surveys... forgot to add a commentary on it thats why...

So with this I officially step into Step 13!!!
Gotta rectify a few things thou.. because the $0.10 found was technically after I got to step 13, it should have been Step 13's first find.

Started with $188.95
Minus credit error $0.10
New Started with $188.85
Credit $20 from survey vouchers
Ended with $208.85
Minus Profit Taken by completing Step ($208.85-$204.80) = $4.05
Ended Step with $204.80
Time taken to complete Step 12 - 4 Months and 6 Days (126 Days)
$20.00 from him (vouchers)

Start of Step 13

Started with $204.80

Ended with $204.90
$0.10 from him

Wish us Luck

Been Awhile...

Its been over 2 weeks since i last had an entry.. mainly because its been that long since i last found anything out there or claimed any vouchers, but today I finally found a coin! Its was while I was at the supermarket, right below the check out counter. It may only be $0.10 but its still something.
And my cheque for the surveys came too! But what an exchange rate I was given.... For US$50 I only got $60.24.... that is pathetic!
O well the US economy is going to the dumps so what can I do... start planning for a holiday over there maybe..

Started with $148.85

Ended with $188.95
$40.10 from him ($0.10 from the floor, $40 from survey redemption)
seems there is a miscalculation somewhere... not tallying with the counter on the right.. will sort it out as soon as possible...

Wish me Luck

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Almost forgot..

Forgot to add the money from the vouchers received on the 7th of May...
So its $12 more to the fund from the $20 voucher.

She did an amazing job today, after work at her attachment, she found a trolley and pushed it all the way back to get the dollar!

She's really starting to contribute a fair bit into this project, thank you hon.

Started with $135.85

Ended with $148.85
$12.00 from him (Vouchers)
from her

Wish us Luck

Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Fever

The amount of people talking about politics right now in Singapore is extraordinary, the amount of people attending the rallies of the worker's party are insane! Averaging 20,000 people at each of them! Comparatively the Peoples Action Party's Rallies are considerably mild with only 2,000 - 3,000 people attending. Being from the hottest contested spot in Singapore right now, Aljunied GRC, its really hard to guess the outcome of it all...

This evening after we were done shopping for groceries, she spotted an abandoned trolley at the side of the road while we were driving out of the carpark and immediately called to stop, she checked it and saw that the dollar was still in it and so she pushed it all the way back while I drove around to pick her up. So a dollar to her count.

A little after we went to the east coast park arcade to see if we could finish up the remainder of our Toami-Gyo tokens but there was just too many people at the machine to play at a good pace so we decided to leave it to another day, we did check with the arcade attendant about the token exchange again and he clarified that only winning amounts of over 500 will be converted into 50% tickets and 50% tokens.

Started with $134.85

Ended with $135.85
$1.00 from her

Wish me Luck