Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Been Awhile...

Its been over 2 weeks since i last had an entry.. mainly because its been that long since i last found anything out there or claimed any vouchers, but today I finally found a coin! Its was while I was at the supermarket, right below the check out counter. It may only be $0.10 but its still something.
And my cheque for the surveys came too! But what an exchange rate I was given.... For US$50 I only got $60.24.... that is pathetic!
O well the US economy is going to the dumps so what can I do... start planning for a holiday over there maybe..

Started with $148.85

Ended with $188.95
$40.10 from him ($0.10 from the floor, $40 from survey redemption)
seems there is a miscalculation somewhere... not tallying with the counter on the right.. will sort it out as soon as possible...

Wish me Luck

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