Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Error Rectified - Step 12 Cleared! Hello Step 13!

Figured out why my calculations were off.. and by $20!
It was the $30 in vouchers that came in for one of my surveys... forgot to add a commentary on it thats why...

So with this I officially step into Step 13!!!
Gotta rectify a few things thou.. because the $0.10 found was technically after I got to step 13, it should have been Step 13's first find.

Started with $188.95
Minus credit error $0.10
New Started with $188.85
Credit $20 from survey vouchers
Ended with $208.85
Minus Profit Taken by completing Step ($208.85-$204.80) = $4.05
Ended Step with $204.80
Time taken to complete Step 12 - 4 Months and 6 Days (126 Days)
$20.00 from him (vouchers)

Start of Step 13

Started with $204.80

Ended with $204.90
$0.10 from him

Wish us Luck

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