Thursday, December 16, 2010

Step Update / Toami-Gyo Fishing Season Revisited / Voucher values revised

Found a Dollar today at the arcade today, it was in the coin return slot and no one had noticed it was there, this time we went to the "big league" arcades at east coast park to try our hands at the Toami-gyo/Fishing Season machines there. Didn't get to use the 3 tokens we found earlier because they were from another place.

Its was amazing watching the "pros" there because there was this Uncle that kept killing the sharks that came out; each shark is worth 100 coins; to the point that we got to see a special shark that transformed into a gold shark after it was killed the 1st time. Sadly I doubt he managed to recoup his investment because the boss shark he killed was only worth 500 coins, the other "pro" couple that was there too had won 1000 coins off the boss shark earlier.

Its more expensive than the normal kiddie arcade because each shot costs $0.20! That's double the amount! They do have a promotion where you get an extra 150 coins if you change $50 and another 500 coins if you change $100, which would bring down the cost of each shot to around $0.10. But I guess because the prizes that you can exchange are better, the likes of Sony Playstation 3, Apple's Iphone4, asus eee PC, basically the good stuff.

O well spent like $60 there with her.... but ended with nothing, sigh.... anyway while we were there some other lucky and persistent folks got their hands on an Apple Iphone4 and what looks like an Iphone4 but I suspect is not... mainly because the box it was in was one of those China knock-offs...

She was tempted by the Iphone 4s that were there in the machines for the winning and thus tried her hand at it with $3, which needless to say ended with nothing in return. Its a variation of the those "ufo" claw machines but instead of catching the item, you have to position the pressure sensitive probe to poke at the many holes that hold the prizes. So if you manage to get the probe through a hole, you'll be able to push the prize down and win it.

I've been keeping logs of how much we've spent so far for the whole arcade thing and its right now at $212! I can't believe that at my age, I'm still spending that kind of money playing games at the arcades...

And I am going to change the value of the vouchers that I got and any future vouchers I receive for the surveys to a value of 1.5:1.0

This would ensure that I am not paying exactly for the vouchers that I am buying from the fund but at a discounted rate. This is partially to reward myself for slogging at those surveys and to ensure that I do not get disgruntled with the fact that I'm just putting money into the fund by buying the vouchers outright.

So I shall revise the amount I have now in the fund.

Started with revised amount of $27.89

Ended with $28.89
$1.00 From him

Wish me Luck

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