Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good day with pickings everywhere!

Took an early day from work to spend some time with her after her class ended. Work was crappy because of a stupid audit that I didn't fair very well at. She wanted to go cycling but the weather wasn't cooperating again...

Went to Tampines for a walk instead and found $0.20 in a vending machine at Tampines Mall, while we were visiting the arcade, TimeZone, she found $0.10 in front of the cashier and met her good friend's parents, they must be wondering what we were doing in the arcade at that time.. anyway we walked through the arcade because we were looking to see what movie was available, sadly no good movies were showing.

Disappointed we proceeded back down the mall and headed to the other mall next door, Century Square. Again we headed upstairs to the cinema level and still nothing good, so the next best thing was to take a look at the arcade there too.

This one was run by Star Factory, the thing I don't understand is why they choose to purchase the ugly looking china knock offs of Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season, but amazingly the machines, all 3 of them, were almost fully occupied. While there she found a token hidden behind a racing machine that was not near the "Toami-Gyo" machines and decided to risk that token on a double or nothing shot. Needless to say, she got nothing back.

We started to feel hungry and thus left to look for some good tasting fish soup, on our way back to the car-park, she found $0.05 and I found $0.10.

Not bad a day I thought, a total of $0.45 between us today and even before we had dinner.

But the surprising thing is that during dinner, just as she asked "so see any coins?" I replied "actually..." and then went to the table next to us and picked up a $0.20 coin.
After we had dinner, while buying bread for the next day, she found our last coin of the day at the bakery, a $0.05 coin.

So our total for the day was a not so shabby $0.70.

Started with $31.34

Ended with $32.04
$0.20 From her
$0.50 From him

Wish me Luck

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