Monday, August 13, 2012

Eyes Wide Open

Sometimes it really pays to keep an eye out on the ground, regardless if its for coins, notes or even the rare gem that you might have missed if you've just walked with your nose up high.

I read an article awhile back about this guy that makes his money literally looking for lost gems and flakes of gold off the sidewalks of New York's Jewellery District. He spends hours on his hands and knees scouring the crevasses of the pavement for loose gemstones like rubies, sapphires and even diamonds that fall off the people that work around the area. Diamonds as big as half a carat have been reportedly found in those nooks. Gold is also something that he sweeps up off the walk ways but he says its a lot more work as it involves sifting through the dirt that he collects and takes far longer to accumulate than finding gemstones.

I bring this up because when we were out having brunch over the weekend, we missed out on a few $10 notes that were flapping around on the ground infront of us. I only realised that there was something there when the guy infront of us picked it up, I mean he must have seen it fall out of a lady's pocket further up, cause he rushed forwards to hand the lady back the money. I'm not saying that I would pocket any money that I saw fall off someone, just that if the guy infront had not bent over and picked it up I wouldn't have even noticed it in the first place.

So just keep your eyes peeled where ever you may go, cause who knows what sort of treasures you might find.

And if you must only look when you want to look, then look around cashiers. I've found a fair amount in loose change around cashiers while doing this so the area around a cash register is a safe bet :)

Found 2 $0.10 coins around a cashier on sunday. I know what I'm talking about :P

Started with $274.01

Ended with $274.21
$0.20 from him

Wish Us Luck

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