Saturday, November 2, 2013

We're still at it :)

Hello internetz.

Its been a long while since I updated this site but rest assured we are still at it. Seeking out every lost coin we can and giving them a home with the Fund. The thing is.. I've been away for so long, I didn't even realise that the ads on my site were gone, apparently Adbrite closed down back in Feb 2013~! And all the ad revenue I had with them went with them.. so its a big fat Zero from that venture. Will be on the lookout for a new ad company to fill that space.

A lot has happened in this past year, and ContestKitty and I are expecting our first child~! She'll be due in January so there will be a whole lot of sleepless nights to look forward to.

Now back to the doubling. I have lost momentum but am not out of it yet. I will strive to update this as much as possible and maybe make a sort of savers' guide to parenting. Lets see how motivated I am to actually do it...

Anyway.. lots to update on items that we've bought for the Fund, she managed to sell the chairs so we got for a nice tidy profit of $60 and also picked up more lost coins to the tune of $3.76, 2 Australian Dollars and 2 Euro Cents. The majority of which was found by my dear wifey. As I cannot remember exactly who got them, I shall just make it a 80-20 split since she found most of it.

I've also acquired more Magic The Gathering cards and will be trying to hawk them off to a reseller I got to know, let's see how that works out.

 Magic The Gathering Cards Bought - $5
Cost of 6 Chairs - $20
6 Chairs Sold - $80

Started with $355.36

Ended with $414.12
$60.00 from Trade
$3.00 from her
$0.76 from him

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