Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update on Stage 13

With everything that's been happening in the world today(the global market spiral and London's insane riots) and at home its sometimes really a pick-me-up when you find stuff laying around. Especially when it just so happens to be right next to you when you park the car! That's what happened today, after dance class(yes we're taking dance lessons) she spotted a dollar coin on the empty lot beside my car, then after dropping off her shoes to use the ATM nearby, I found a dollar coin under the checkout counter of the supermarket.

And earlier in the day when she was at the library she found a dime.

Guess today was kinda good in terms of finding loose change.

And to add a little, she found a dime and a nickle under the vending machine when we were visiting my dad on Saturday.

Guess we just gotta find our little pieces of happiness whenever we can.

Really hope the global situation and my dad's health picks up soon.

Started with $206.60

Ended with $208.85
$1.25 from her
$1.00 from him

Wish us Luck

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