Monday, August 1, 2011

what to do now?

Been wondering what I can do with the fund's money, it seems a little stagnant to be just doing surveys and picking coins off the ground and trolleys.
What methods would be deemed more likely to succed? From trade there is the fear of not being able to sell the item at hand so in the end it'll just end up like my comic book, stashed at the corner and with its value stuck in limbo... not too sure how to proceed, should I wait till I get over $1,000 before I start in higher end trade? or should I get her to try her hand at online sales of clothes via Ebay or a blogshop? It looks like a pretty good market with so many local blogshops being able to sustain and even grow into a successful enterprise. But I guess that's just the successful ones we see and not the many number that crash and burn into oblivion...

What do you think? Drop an idea at the comments.

Wish us Luck

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