Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party Pickings and the Flea market after

She was really great to look out for coins while clubbing on halloween and managed to find a total of $1.90! A dollar coin, a $0.50 coin and 2 $0.20 coins. And the way she described how she picked them up was really great, she danced her way down to pick them up!

I do so adore her :)

And the very next morning(today) she had a stall at a Flea market in her neighbourhood so she crawled off bed after only 3 hours of sleep for it! I was able to sell off the comic book that I bought for the fund so another $1 to the fund with $0.50 of it as profit!

Started with $210.20

Ended with $213.10
$1.00 from sale of comic book
$1.90 from her

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