Wednesday, October 26, 2011

seriously crappy month

This month has been one of the crappiest in my life... firstly the army payment centre screwed up my reservist pay and deducted everything and then some of what I was supposed to get for my 3 week stint, then my mom fell and suffered a slipped disc and is now hospitalised and is unable to leave the hospital for another week or so due to the amount of pain she is in... Work isn't great, with more and more of my co-workers slacking off. Leaving the whole campaign that we are trying to push, right in dead water.
On the plus side is that we picked out a nice engagement ring for her and because of her I won a hundred bucks for just attending an event! Won't be placing that $100 here because its a contest thingy and not part of this. Been trying to get her to blog about her exploits with contests, mainly because she is so lucky at them! Just a few months ago she won me $400 just by entering my name in some online thingy too, she's great at this. Will paste a link once she gets to it...

O and found a $0.50 coin at the vending machine at the hospital today while I was visiting my mom.

Started with $210.20

Ended with $210.70
$0.50 from him

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