Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's my dear surprised me with a bouquet of Roses and a box of chocolates that she won from a contest by writing a Valentine's Day message to me!, she's really great at winning at those things and I've been urging her to start her own contest winnings blog to share and keep track of what she's entered and won.

Anyway after the organisers came down delivered the items, we proceeded to our lunch venue, Red Star Chinese Restaurant. It was my little surprise for her as she's never tried the Dim Sum there before. Food was good but I think we ordered way too much... Bill came up to $80+ for the both of us... *burp*

After the hearty meal of dim sum, we decided to head down to Ikea to walk off our full bellies and take a look at furniture for our future home.

After a good hour walking around deciding what look our home will take on, she spotted a coin in the most unexpecting place... under a palate of boxed furniture! It turned out to be a nice shiny Dollar coin! She sure is lucky and I'm lucky to have her too.

Started with $294.40

Ended with $295.40
$1.00 from her

Wish us Luck

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