Saturday, March 3, 2012

Updates, updates and more updates

Went to Thailand last weekend for my good friend's wedding, on the way to the airport I found a 1 cent coin under the train seat then at the departure lounge I happened to find a dollar coin and a $0.20 coin.

While over at Bangkok, she found 1 Thai Baht under a vending machine.
I spotted a few coins while over there too but it was in a place where there were beggars around, so I decided that I wasn't going to pick up any coins if there were people who needed it more than I did, like beggars...

After coming back while shopping for groceries, she saw a trolley at the carpark and there was a dollar in it!

Then last night after having dinner and doing a bit of groceries, she spotted a trolley in the carpark but was disappointed when after bringing it back all was in the coin slot was $0.20! She was kinda miffed but it wasn't the first time....

Started with $295.40

Ended with $297.81
$1.21 from him
$1.20 from her
1 Thai Baht from her

Wish us Luck

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