Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Addicted to KickStarter

I know it sounds crazy.. but I'm addicted to this damn model of public funded projects... So far I've pledged to support 5 projects, there are seriously good stuff being brought to the public and the fans of certain game designers/visionaries.
 And the best thing is that if the project doesn't get enough funding by the end of the time frame then you don't even lose any money! But if the project is a go then its a go! A great all or nothing format to really gives the people power over what gets done or what shouldn't. So give it a look-over and who knows you might just find a project that you like and give them your support.

She found $0.05 while studying at the library today.

Started with $298.96

Ended with $299.01
$0.05 from her

 Wish us Luck

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