Friday, May 25, 2012

Dry Spell Broken And First Note Found!!

Broke my personal dry spell today when we were having a late lunch at Vivo City, spotted a 5 cent coin under the cake display at a food outlet. And after on our way to our friend's birthday dinner, she spotted a $2 note on the road! What a day!

Still trying to find the motivation to fix up the RC cars that I bought the last time and list them up.. but been kinda listless this past few months... Can't seem to concentrate on anything.. and add to that the deaths of our pets happening one after the other... makes for a sad couple of months..

Anyway its time to get my act together and do something about it.. gotta get past this step ASAP!! Its been AGES!

Started with $230.01

Ended with $232.06
$2.00 from her
$0.05 from him 

Wish Us Luck

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