Thursday, March 17, 2011

More from the bunny

Today has been really tiresome, first my dad tells me that the home phone line has not been working for the past week... so I had to call the telephone people and booked a timing for their technician to come down. They said 2-6 but those idiots didn't even call up to tell us they were here or to check if the line was ok on our end, it wasn't... called them again to give them a piece of my mind because I waited for them! Now their gonna come by again tomorrow morning to fix the damned thing, hopefully they get it done... the weird thing is that even though the line is dead, my ADSL is still working perfectly fine..

Went to pick her up after her class and go look for some office supplies, she found another $0.10 outside the Pet Safari at Vivocity. It was tucked right at a corner and I was surprised that she even saw it. Guess the bunny is treating her better now.

Started with $128.20$130.20

Ended with $128.30$130.30
$0.10 from her

Wish me Luck

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