Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time and Its Relative Nature

Over a belated birthday dinner with my friends, the topic of time came up and we were talking about how much time has passed since we've known each other, its been 7 years since I first got to know the birthday boy and he's like the youngest to my group of friends.
We got into the nature of how time seems to fly now and the idea of why it seems that way, rather than before when we all had school or some form of measure of the year.
It seems now that we all kinda have work or are looking for work, everything just seems so... mundane?
But maybe its just me?
Not too sure why, maybe its with work being so slow and all that's why I feel this way... I'm not complaining about anything, but it isn't amazing either anyway.
O well.. ranting is therapeutic.

Wish me Luck

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