Thursday, March 17, 2011

Updates for the past 10 days

Been in china for the past 10 days for a business meeting, had the scare of the Japan quake and Tsunami hit when I was there. Really scary stuff especially when the nuclear reactors exploded...

Good news for the fund thou, found more money in the form of a cash card when I was at the airport before I was leaving for china, checked and it has $6.75 in it so in it goes.*edit* it seems that there is a $2 deposit on the card so I'm just gonna refund it and get it as well! So an extra $2!

She found thirty cents more before I left and messaged while I was in China to let me know that she found more money in the school library while checking out some books, a dollar coin and a five cent coin.

I guess the metal rabbit is really starting to shake its bob-tail(according to her) and money keeps coming out.

Started with $120.10

Ended with $128.20$130.20
$1.35 from her
$6.75$8.75 from him

Wish me Luck and pray for those in Japan right now.

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