Monday, February 14, 2011

Local Police Notice on Toami-Gyo / Fishing Season

Been to a few amusement centers recently and to my horror have seen the bigger places starting to put up notices from the Singapore Police Force about the Toami-Gyo , Fishing Season type of games that dish out tokens.

Now with the notice from the SPF, all token payout machines will have to be converted to ticket payouts. This mainly means that they will not be able to reuse the tokens to play for bigger prizes but will have to cash out in the form of tickets to exchange for prizes like stuffed toys and stuff at the redemption counters.

I suppose this is to discourage the sense of gambling that the public will no doubt associate with these type of machines.

I guess this step by the SPF will no doubt discourage the few that wish to make a profit by playing these games but from what I've seen today while going window shopping in my neighborhood shopping mall is that it hasn't really dampened the level of enthusiasm that the people playing still exude.

But really...when it comes down to it, people just want something fun to play, be it a token driven fishing game or otherwise. If people like it, they'll play it.

Hope this measure helps to reduce the incidents of gambling through gaming but just make it a purely entertaining game that you'll be able to exchange for simple prizes at the end to just make the trip to the amusement center that little bit sweeter.

I'm inclined to side with our police force on this measure because after seeing the number of little kids that spend hundreds of dollars a month gambling it away at these machines its about time something was done to curb the gamblers and leave those who truly just enjoy the game for what it is, a game, to play on and YES! get that little extra sweetener at the end.

Wish me Luck

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