Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Return to Toami-Gyo @Marine Cove

Its been a long time since the urge to shoot fish has struck, so when it did it really did to the both of us.

As Timezone will only be having their dollar for dollar promotion on 2 dates, the 6th and 13th of Feb 2011, we decided against playing there and headed for Marine Cove's Prize Station instead.

The Prize Station there had a better promotion but only if you are willing to part with $100 or $200, then you'd be able to get each token at $0.10 instead of $0.20 and an added big soft toy or a mp3 player respectively.

This offer really pinched at me but my cooler headed other half said NO, so we ended up just changing $20 to start but I added another $20 after losing all my share... she even had to cash out her 200+ tokens so that I could take some... I sux at this...

But anyway we played on the new double screen machine and what I can say is that for this machine, you gotta aim for the big fish! That being said, you will kinda need to load up before hand for it, recommend to put in at least 100 tokens so you can take advantage of the double shot which in my opinion is the better weapon for taking out dolphins and sharks.

I managed to kill around 8-10 biggies there and got over 10 jackpot spins but no matter how I tried, the final gem eluded me and I was stuck sitting there with just 4 gems... I guess that's how they get you, they lure you in by giving you the first 4 then hold out the final gem.... But I may just be eating sour grapes because while we were there 2 other people got to the final gem and hit their jackpot for 300 tokens each.

One thing about this machine is that you can't cash out directly for some reason.. had to call the attendant to credit your tokens every time you wanna cash out, that kinda slows things down for the player because you can't do the usual cash out and restart with a lower number of tokens by yourself thereby making the process more tedious and less appealing to the player, I suppose it could be a ploy so you'll just keep playing and not care about cashing out.

But the best tactic is still to do so! I must remember that myself and cash out while I'm ahead so as to not dwindle down again... I know I am flawed that way so gotta change..
150 is a good number because you'll be able to pocket 50 and play with the 100 again.

ho hum. For this session, Arcade centre $40 - Players Nil.

Wish me Luck

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