Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Orchard Central Afternoon

Had a great day out today with her, went to Orchard Central to get myself a new watch, one of those that you can see the cogs work. They had a promotion where you get a $10 voucher to a stationary shop just for taking pictures with a friend at 4 spots around the shopping mall, so we walked around with our trusty camera and took the 4 pictures of us.
It was easy enough to claim, just show the pictures to the concierge with your IC and ta-dah! We each registered and got a $10 voucher each, the easiest $20 voucher ever!

We had lunch at a place she read a review about called Long Xia Zou Zhuang which in mandarin means Lobster Porridge House and that was exactly what we had, LOBSTER PORRIDGE! Thank goodness it was 1 for 1 because hell if I was gonna pay $30+ for a bowl of porridge, even if it was with lobster... but no regrets it was delicious! Each of us had a lobster claw and another part of the lobster in our porridge, well to call it porridge is kinda a long shot.. it was more like rice in soup but hey it was lovely.

After lunch, we headed back to the concierge to submit our receipts for the weekly lucky draw that is going on and were pleasantly surprised when we saw that we had spent enough to get a free 500g packet of "Bak Kwa" (sliced BBQ pork), and to boot redeem a free hour's of parking! It was a real haul from our little afternoon and we were really happy.

Anyway found $0.05 at the end of the day while we were leaving a supermarket near her place.

Started with $118.55

Ended with $118.60
$0.05 from him

Wish me Luck

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