Friday, February 11, 2011

Toami-Gyo Ocean Spirit Jackpot!

Today we went again to Marine Cove's Prize Station arcade to play Toami-Gyo again and this time I exchanged $100 for 1000 tokens and got 50 tokens more instead of the stuffed toy, you've gotta ask the staff there for the extra tokens instead of the stuffed toy because their actually not supposed to give you more but be nice and ask and they'll give it to you, you'll need to get a card too to store the tokens and that typically costs $3 but again ASK for it and if you're nice about it they'll give it to you too!

Remember, ASK and you will usually receive. We sometimes take things for granted and assume that we will just get things because we've paid for it and deserve it, but they don't understand that we just need to respect others and be nice to them to get that little extra stuff.

After playing for a good 2 1/2 hours I finally hit a bonus and a jackpot! And while there she found 2 tokens too but we used them instantly instead of keeping them because we were constantly playing and it didn't make sense to just keep the 2 tokens there. But the next time we're there I'll make sure to keep the found tokens.

For this version, after collecting 5 gems you get a spin at the wheel and the bonuses are 300, 500, 800 and the super jackpot where you get to kill the skeleton fishes and a skeleton shark and the payoff is at 1,000 , 2,000 and the maximum 5,000!

The significant difference between this version and the normal Toami-Gyo is at the jackpot stage, EVERYONE playing at the time can earn a bonus by killing the skeleton fishes! And at the time of my jackpot there were 4 other people playing so they all got bonuses too! And there is no time limit and unlimited ammo!

The skeleton shark can only be hit by the one that triggered the jackpot and ends when you kill it, so the trick is to have a partner playing at the same time too and shoot the skeleton fishes to gain additional bonuses, sadly she wasn't playing at that time because we've been playing for over 2 hours and she was really tired and hungry.

Sadly the bonus and jackpot that I hit were both the minimum.. so I got a 300 bonus and a 1,000 jackpot. I spent a really long time and a lot of tokens to hit the jackpot, so the end result is that I got back what I've spent on the game plus 200 more. She enjoyed the game too when she was able to sustain and kill faster by using the double cannons. It was really unfortunate that she wasn't able to hit any jackpot but the important thing is that we had fun playing the game.

Now with the card loaded, the question will be when do we return? :)

Wish me Luck

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