Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Beginning

Decided to embark on this double your way to a million deal. Did you know it only takes 28 times of doubling from a cent to a million dollars?

This being Singapore, its hard to come by $0.01 so i'm gonna up the ante a bit by starting from a dime or $0.10, this will there in reduce the number of times needed to double your money to 25 and give a nicer number to work towards.

There are a set of rules set out by the creator of this system and I'm guessing that there is a greater reason for certain rules so like it says in the report, "If you don't want to follow the rules don't play the game" so I'm sticking with them. Hopefully they'll give greater meaning to the "game", but also gonna be adding a few of my own restrictions on them as it seems to more interesting if you leave out the labour bit and head straight for trading.

So here begins my attempt at it.

First thing is to set the ground rules of this endeavor for myself, this is kinda like the rules set out in the report but just for my benefit.

1) No outside money is to be put into this. (no personal contributions or money earned from work is to be included, the first dime must be found, this is after all an endeavor to get a million from nothing.)

2) The collected funds are to be separated and only used for the sole purpose of achieving the goal of a million dollars ( no dipping into the honey pot).

3) Each step must be logged in detail as to when and how the funds were achieved.

4) No Funds are to be put at risk like gambling or stock market speculation(putting money into blue chips for the sake of gaining dividends is allowed).

5) Buying items for re-sale can be done but the item must be put up for sale within a week of receiving it(this is to prevent stagnating at a certain level and to prevent hording of items to sell).

6) All funds must be earned legally and with honour , no stealing or cheating.

7) No asking for money(begging) or trading cash for cash(unless foreign currency or antique coins). Seen somewhere that some people would ask to exchange a dime for a quarter or a penny for a dime but in my view that is just cheating someone. Yes you can do that and claim that its an "experiment" but in the end of the day is kinda like cheating someone out of their half. So no trading cash for more cash.

8) No leapfrogging through trade, found money can be added into the fund and leapfrog you to the next level but not money earned through trade(this is one of the fundamental rules stated in the free report). The excess from that level will be taken as 'profit' and be spent on yourself.

I guess that's it for now so.. here we go.

Wish me luck

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