Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update on Step 4

Found a dime today outside one of the bunks of the active personnel, guess must have fallen out of their washings. O well it seems that the dime has been out for a long long time, looks well heated and aged, guess if i never picked it up it might have just gone on becoming part of the background outside.. You never really know when you'll find something, do you?

I suppose the phrase 'Opportunity will only be found if you are searching for it' is not only true but surprisingly simple to activate. We just need a little nudge in the right direction for us to truly open our minds to the world of opportunity.

Now back to the story of this dime, when i picked it up my friend looked at me and said 'why you pick the coin?' Is it me? or has the world really come to a point that if u see a dime on the floor you ignore it?

That kinda threw me aback because I ended up telling him why i was doing it instead of rebutting him with a why not? Seriously, does the value of the coin really matter for you to just pick it up? Is this what they mean by 'the younger generation now a days does not value money'?? I can already hear the voice of an old man in my voice repeating this phrase...

Must make it a point not to defend why i pick coins and just stare back at the person and asking him why not. Must help open the minds of others to the world of Opportunity, I am starting to feel a lot better about this endeavor, to really show that you can make, if not a million, a lot of money just by having the right mindset from the very beginning.

Started with $0.65
Ended with $0.75

only a nickel more to complete this step!

Wish me luck

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