Monday, September 27, 2010

Google Ad-no-sense

For some reason, even after removing the link to the report (because it was one of those things google refers to as an incentive click type) adsense still declined my application... Guess i won't be able to use that to add to this endavor but hey, that wasn't the point to begin with.. just wonder what about this blog is so offencive to google ad-no-sense that they declined it...

So we can't share our personal journeys of doubling with the world??

I mean all we are trying to do here(at least for me) is to share and maybe inspire others to do the same, have a goal to double their money, to put it down in a form of a blog as a declaration of intent, and share the ideas and experiences that come along the way.

Don't see what's so bad about that... and i have in no way asked anyone to do things that are of 'clicking incentives' or in anyway bad, so i really cannot understand. Why?


GRRRR!!!!! ROARW!!!!

And I'm actually not bothered by the fact that I'm not earning anything from the Ad-no-sense program but more of the fact that why are they declining this blog?

pissed off

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