Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Lucky Day!

Wow looks like lady luck is really giving me a nice great smile lately!

Found another $0.95 in total today. 10 cents while shopping for my mom's birthday present with my partner, yes I know my mom's birthday was yesterday but my partner wasn't able to get her a present yet so we went shopping.

It was just there under the rack of clothes on the outside of the rack. I was really happy because I've passed the $4 mark! And needless to say, she was none too happy because her share is slowly shrinking!


Then while walking past the bank's row of Automatic Teller Machines, Cash Deposit Machines and Coin Deposit Machines, I saw at the corner of my eyes that there were coins left in the return slot of the Coin Deposit Machine and Wala! a 50 cent, an old 20 cent, a 10 cent and a 5 cent coin.

The queue at the ATMs must have been surprised that I found money in there as I was just walking by while they were just standing in line waiting.

Opportunity comes to those who look for it, and that was in ways part of this endeavour in the first place.


Started with $3.90

Ended with $4.85
$0.95 From him

Wish me Luck

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