Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dad and Mom's Birthday

Today is my dad's 62nd and tomorrow is my mom's 58th birthday and I got them this diabetic friendly chocolate fudge cake from Delcie's Desserts which is a specialty shop for sugar free and vegan cakes, it was really difficult looking for places to get diabetic friendly cakes so thank goodness I was able to find them. It was my first time ordering a diabetic friendly cake so not sure how it would taste like, and how expensive it was.

My parents were pretty surprised that the cake that small was so heavy(1kg) but they soon found out why after they sank their teeth into it.
The chocolate fudge was nice and thick but I guess due to the ingredients used, being unprocessed food, was a little on the oat-ty side. I mean it was delicious and all, just that you could smell the oatmeal, which in my opinion is kinda taking away the pleasure of just biting into the thick chocolate goodness.

I'm fairly certain that my dad has not had chocolate cake in a long long time due to his diabetes so this was a treat as he actually took a second helping of cake! My mom on the other hand wasn't very impressed, even though she also developed diabetes last year, her taste buds I suppose still isn't used to having less sugar in cakes.

But my main concern was for my dad, so the $85 was well spent. Expensive but worth it for his birthday.

O and when I picked my parents up from the train station, my mom told me she found $15 while entering the station in town, 3 $5 notes lying together, some poor dude must have dropped them while taking his EZ-Link card out from his pocket or something.

She thought they was leaves at first until she took a closer look and luckily she did because after noticing the money, she saw that a man further away noticed them too and rushed towards her to get them, but as my mom was closer so she just picked them up and the man stopped in his tracks, with disappointment clearly on his face and walked back to his friend.

I'm sure that it wasn't his money or else he would have approached my mom and said something. I guess I'm not the only person looking out for stray cash. But hey who could blame him, it was $15!

I guess people do get luckier on their birthday.

Wish me Luck and Happy Birthday Dad & Mom!

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