Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lucky Day! Step 7 Complete! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, and Dinner at Shangri-La's The Line

Wow I guess the day after my birthday was luckier than the day itself, just this morning when she went to jog with her friend at Bedok stadium she found a $1 coin as she was on her 3rd lap on the outer track!

After which I met up with her to go catch a movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, at Tampines Mall because I had free GV Movie Money from my company.

While there, because there was time to spare we went ahead to the arcade and found our current favorite game, "Fishing Season" (a Toami Gyo clone). This time we both played and she is really into it now, before she just used to watch me but now is more willing to part with the $$ to play a game. She had a better day than I did and got like 100 e-Tickets cashed out when we had to leave for the movie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was long but expected, running at 146 minutes. The movie was good but a little slow at the few intervals when the rag tag trio were alone escaping the snatchers. Overall thou it was good, filled with fight scenes, chases and even the odd "hot under the collar" scene with Hermaine and Harry kissing. The ending was of course left on a more intense mood with The Dark Lord desecrating Dumbledore's grave, so can't wait for the last movie next year.

After the movie with the credits rolling and people getting up to leave the cinema, I heard the all too sweet sound of coin/coins dropping directly in front of me! And to my surprise the couple in front of me just up-ed and left without looking back so I just peered over the seats and there it was! Another $1 coin!

So after the movie we headed back home to change and left for dinner. She had booked us a wonderful buffet spread at The Line at Shangri-la. Heard great things about the food there so was eager to try it. The fare was plentiful and good, seafood was fresh and the desserts delicious according to her, I was too stuffed at the end that I even struggled to finish my single scope of passion fruit sorbet. Service was good as they cleared any empty plates within a minute of spotting them and filled our glasses fairly quickly. The overall experience there would have been perfect if not for my own gluttony... stuffed myself so much that I had to relieve myself a little by up chucking after we left the restaurant.

Overall the day was nicely spent with her and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Thank you dear for 2 days of awesome fun!

Started with $5.85

Ended Step with $7.85
Time Taken to Complete Step - 14 Days
$1 from her and $1 from me

Into Step 8 Now!

Wish me Luck

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