Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trolley Money!

Yay! We found our first dollar from supermarket trolleys!

Was driving up the multi-storey car park with her on our way to having dinner when we drove past a trolley just parked there at the side of the car park, I asked her to get out to check if there was a dollar inside, she was skeptical at first but once I got closer she got out and saw that the lock was still in.

So she got out and wheeled the trolley back to the trolley bay which was only like 10 metres away and retrieved the dollar.

She was so happy that she got it and even commented that it was such a shiny dollar coin too. Well since she did the work of wheeling the trolley back to the bay, it shall be counted under her share.

Wonder why someone would just leave a trolley with the dollar still in it when the trolley bay was so nearby.

Guess they were in a hurry or something but hey we're grateful for you trolley abandoners!

Started with $4.85

Ended with $5.85
$1.00 From her

Wish me Luck


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