Monday, November 15, 2010

Enjoying The Night Out And Finding Stuff

Been kinda great the past few days with everything going so well with the endeavour and all.

Today we went to see the musical A Little Night Music which was not a bad stage performance with wonderful actors and actresses, whose voices are extraordinary. They've done a great job with the script but there were the lows in the performance when the fillers took the stage... at one point I almost fell asleep during the solos...

After the show we went walking around the arcade to look at the new arcade game "Fishing Season" in which you are suppose to shoot a whole swarm of fish ranging from small fish that you can kill with 1 shot or a whale shark which needs like 100 shots to kill. The game is kinda like a fruit machine for the younger generation as you get a point that you can redeem for a token if you choose to withdraw the points accumulated, as each token costs 10 cents. It costs a point to shoot once and if you hit a small fish you get a point, if you hit bigger fish and kill them you get from between 2-100 points.

We spent well over an hour there just looking at people playing the game and we got to see a couple get to the bonus stage in which you get a chance to kill a shark worth 500 points! It was really interesting and I may just try my hand at this game the next time we're free.

While there she found 3 tokens so I suppose its worth $0.30? O well, will be chalking them up under the Limbo section for now.

Wish me Luck

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