Friday, November 19, 2010

Rants - Lawyer Shows

Not sure what is it with lawyer shows but I love them. From the time Boston Legal aired to now with stuff like The Defenders, The Whole Truth and Outlaw. Not sure what is it with them but I just love them!

Maybe its because lawyers are just normal people with the right wit and a little talent here and there, so it makes us feel like 'hey, we could do that' and when they spin their tales at the opening or closing for a jury hearing, well its like listening to a great story teller trying to get your attention to certain points in his story and make you feel more sympathetic towards either the plaintiff or the defence.

But what I find most intriguing is how they are able to interpret what is written into what is relevant that truly makes a great lawyer at least for the TV. I am lucky to not need any legal assistance as yet so I am not in no position to comment on what is happening in real life, but I do know that practicing law is not as glamorous as TV would put it because well, mundane life has no place for flashy lawyers but only the hard working corporate lawyers out there brokering deals between companies, drawing up paper work for making things easier for the rest of us when we need either loans, insurance or to help the grieving settle estates.

I salute the hard working hidden lawyers out there that whom without our daily lives would be chaotic to say the least.

And to TV stations for commissioning such wonderfully entertaining shows to tickle the boredom of our systems whenever we turn on the TV to unwind.

Been sick the past 2 days, even though it was a public holiday on Wednesday, so have been catching up on TV Shows... Hate being sick, especially when it renders me totally useless with a fever and a cough that doesn't go away..

My friends often laugh when they hear me complain that I have, as I put it "a delicate throat". Its true, every time I eat something fried or crispy like potato chips or fried chicken, the next day my throat gets all sore and I cough to no end, my breathing is laboured and I feel like I'm getting an asthma attack when I don't even have asthma! Just wish that my throat doesn't just sucker punch me like that all the time...

Wish me Luck

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