Monday, November 22, 2010

Sigh... As good as gambling..

Well it seems our fishing season / Toami Gyo dream is no more... After spending an additional $50 on the game, we have concluded that our chances are really better if we were to gamble it off at our local casinos, Resort World Sentosa or Marina Bay Sands... even after the $100 entry levy...

The odds are really not in the player's favor and I can understand why they made it so... But we were seduced by the one time success and now have paid for it, luckily it can be considered entertainment and an activity that we do together so not entirely wasted.
Just no more dreams of winning big from playing these games...

O well, back to the drawing boards for us, need to search for more sustainable growth models. So far the comic is still sitting there on my ebay listing.. so nothing that is really done for the sake of increasing the fund through business has succeeded but not to be dismayed as it seems our luck for finding loose money is still there to support us through the next few steps!

Wish me Luck

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