Monday, November 8, 2010

How Wonderful the Favor of Lady Luck

Its amusing how when I was just lamenting about the lack of favor from Lady Luck that she decided to grant my endeavor a smile.

My partner found a dollar this afternoon! The minute she picked it up she messaged to say how lucky she was and proceeded to describe to me blow by blow the events that lead to her finding it.

She was rushing out of the house and up the hill when she stepped on something and it went 'cling', she then curiously looked back to survey the area and found a weathered round shape which is thought was only some washer but after a careful look it turned out to be a dollar! She quickly picked the hot piece of metal up and dashed off.

She gave me the coin when we met and showed me where she found it when I sent her home, it was beside a row of parked cars that she found it which I guess is not surprising but what luck!

Now she jokes about how much she's contributed to the endeavor and how she'd one day find more money than I do and this blog would have to change its name due to the hostile take-over.

Its a possibility, but hey isn't competition more fun? So in the spirit of competition, I'll be adding a His and Her count at the Progress Tracker so she'll be able to see how much she has contributed to the endeavor.

Hope I find my next coin soon!


Anyway the cheque for my on and off gig came in the mail yesterday, glad to have an easy gig like that. Hope more opportunities come my way in the future.

Started with $1.60

Ended with $2.60
$1.00 From her

Wish me Luck

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