Saturday, November 13, 2010

Step 6 Clear!

Wow last night was a really lucky night! I was out with my partner and friends and while we were walking around Borders Bookstore at Wheelock Place, I found a total of $1.30!!!

First a 20 cent coin in plain sight beside a stack of books, then a Dollar coin tucked under a bookshelf near the cashier and a 10 cent coin just in the middle of the walkway. My friends were nice and supportive of me looking for money on floor and one of my best bros even tried dropping coins to mess with me, he is such a clown sometimes but he knows I love him so he gets away with it...

Borders is really my GOLDMINE!!! I've not found so much at 1 location so far, I shall try my luck and visit other Bookstores too! I suppose why I was able to find so much was because Borders Bookstore is fully carpeted so people don't realise that they've dropped coins.


After stating that this blog is now split through the amount that my partner and I find, the competitiveness in her is in high gear and she was really rilled up with my find as it meant that I pulled the gap further between us. She was so close to overtaking me....


So yeah! Into Step 7!

Onward to Glory!

Started with $2.60
Found $1.30 at Borders Bookstore at Wheelock Place
Ended Step with $3.90
Time Taken to Complete Step - 18 Days

Wish me Luck

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