Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ad-No-Sense Again + other stuff

O bugger.. guess this blog just can't seem to make those Ad-No-Sense people happy... and i wonder why they are all situated in the Netherlands... every time i request to resubmit the blog for Ad-No-Sense approval I'll see an audience member from the Netherlands.. so I guess in the Netherlands, my blog is unacceptable.

Still can't figure out why this blog is not accepted. They just keep referring to the T&C of Ad-No-Sense

Guess i really have no luck in getting this thing up with an Ad.. but like i said before 'its not for the money, but for the experience of how to earn it through Ads'.


so no Advertising for this site for now, it shall remain a journal of my journey.

O and sadly... still haven't crossed the First Dollar Hump... its getting that much better when I finally clear it :) got to stay positive right? And I'm not even talking about clearing the step yet.

Wish Me Luck

p.s Found out that a private poker room got raided last night in the area where i used to frequent, hope its not my friend's room... would really suck if it was.
But o well, if he chooses to flaunt the law he'll have to live with the consequences when it catches up to him.

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