Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interesting Lecture 01

Stumbled upon this lecture by Marshall Brain a while back and decided to post a link to it here.(will also be placing an easier to find link under the resources for later re-reading.)

It really gives the primed student a great angle to look at how they would like to be placed in society, as a productive member of society? Or as an entrepreneur?

I'm not saying that entrepreneurs are not productive, its just that the 80 percent that try usually end up back where they started either a little richer in experience or money but mostly experience.

But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't, because without the effort of even trying how are we to know that we will be successful in anything? To quote Woody Allen "Eighty percent of success is showing up." So why not put in the effort to do so?

As an agency manager, it is hard to convince people to come for the first interview or to attend a recruitment seminar. But as one of my industry's long time speakers Dr Andrew Goh will always say at the start of the seminar: "Congratulations You Have Made It! There Are Probably Three Others Who Are Still On Their Way Here."

This shows the point of just showing up and being there is part of the formula of success, because if there is no cause, there will be no effect.

I've read and heard plenty of lectures on the web and through books. Some good, some awesome. Shall strive to share them and to keep for posterity on this blog so as to remind myself in times of great lows, how to scale the heights once again.

I may not be a graduate of any college but I will learn as a student through the University of the Web.

Wish me Luck

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